A Year in Review

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The Salt Lake Valley Trails Society (SLVTS) has been working tirelessly this year on behalf of the MTB community to accomplish over a dozen different trail projects, in addition to advocating for trails valley-wide and keeping MTBers informed about important trail opportunities.

In the past year, the SLVTS has been active in engaging Salt Lake City, The Mountain Accord process, Salt Lake County, Draper, the Forest Service, Kennecott and other entities, thus connecting with area land managers to prioritize trail development. For 2018, the SLVTS plans to complete more than 18 trail work projects, assist SLCo in developing a county-wide trails master plan and conduct workshops on trail building and MTB instruction.

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  • Produced 12 Trail projects utilizing 250+ volunteers
  • Completed over 1000 hours of trail work
  • Generated over 1500 hours of advocacy, planning, design and outreach work
  • Defeated a proposed SLCo ban on MTB parks in the Cottonwood Canyons
  • Promoted & Consulted in a Trails Master Plan process by Salt Lake City
  • Partnered with SLC to develop maintenance and stewardship of I Street, 9-Line and Bobsled trails
  • Developed communication with Kennecott-Rio Tinto about Oquirrah access
  • Established relationship with US Forest Service through a Memorandum Of Understanding
  • Worked with Solitude ski resort to plan a MTB park and ride center
  • Led opposition of oil and gas leases on BLM land near Virgin, UT, site of the first Red Bull Rampage and miles of trails
  • Established website, e-commerce and Instagram sites
  • Grew Facebook Presence: Page Followers, 1.8K; Average Post reach: 5.5K; Maximum Post reach, 27K
  • Expanded board of directors to 8 members
Women's Dig Day

2017 was a year of incredible progress, now we need the support to execute on the dozens of opportunities! Your support of the SLVTS is critical to supporting the sole advocate for the valley’s more than 50,000 mountain bikers. You can help us take trail building, advocacy and management to the next level with your tax deductible donation before the end of the year.